Personal update: new job/relocation

In this slightly out-of-place blog post (no technical tidbits to be found), I’d like to take a moment to update those interested of the changes in my personal and professional situation to also provide some context on the lack of content lately. As some of you may know, I’ve recently been given the opportunity to be a part of the Windows Store and Developer Marketing team in Redmond as a Senior Product Marketing Manager. What does this mean, exactly?

Windows Store and Developer Marketing

As the name of the team suggests, this is the team that’s responsible for the developer ecosystem on Windows. This means getting the right information in developers’ hands to allow them to create great app experiences on Windows. As we’re bringing Windows 10 to an incredible range of devices, ranging from very little (Internet of Things / Raspberry Pi 2) to very large (Xbox One / Surface Hub) and everything in between, I’m very excited to be working in this team to allow great, new and innovative solutions to be created.

As I’ve worked “in the field” for Microsoft in the Netherlands for almost 7 years and the past two years as a Technical Evangelist, I’m also very excited to keep working closely with the Developer Experience and Evangelism (DX) team to make sure they have all the right materials at hand to get the necessary information to developers in their local markets. It feels like a natural continuation for me, as I’ve been using a lot of the things that came out of the team I’m moving into in my current job.

Personal impact

Of course this also means my wife, Gabriela, our two cats, Yoda and Dweepy and our Tibetan Spaniel, Gojira, are relocating to the Redmond area in Washington State. It’s been something we’ve been discussing for quite a while, but you can probably never be prepared for when the opportunity actually rises. For the past month we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with providing the right information to the various companies that are going to assist us with the relocation and we’re incredibly happy Microsoft is providing us so much assistance in doing so.

Yoda, Dweepy and Gojira have their own pet relocation counselor, James from WorldCare Pet Transport, who will take care of their entire door-to-door journey. We’re being assisted by Robert from Graebel with coordinating our household goods getting moved to Redmond and Kayla from Move Management, Inc. coordinating the entire process of moving our household goods and pets. We have a Kay from Cartus who is our relocation specialist, managing the contact with all the different parties involved, two meetings with KPMG to discuss tax implications of our relocation and once we arrive we’ll be getting assistance on-site with getting settled in Washington State. All in all, it’s a lot of information being exchanged and a lot to deal with, but we’re glad we don’t have to manage all this by ourselves.

There’s plenty going on in the Netherlands as well, as we have to sell/rent out our apartment, decide what goods to take with us and what to sell/throw away. It’s quite humbling to create a bunch of lists of basically everything that makes up your life, including everything we own, all the services we’re subscribed to, etc. It’s certainly an interesting process to be in the middle of.

When are we leaving?

This has got to be the question that I’m getting the most frequent lately and unfortunately it’s a tough one to answer. All the preparation work has been done and now we’re waiting for our visa to be approved. It’s not a very transparent process to us, as it can take up to two months from the moment I started providing the required information to get an approved visa. Keeping that in mind, our current estimate is to relocate after TechDays 2015 in the Netherlands, which I wouldn’t want to miss, starting my new job early June.

As you can imagine a lot of things are happening right now, meaning my DIY Home Automation project is currently on hold (I had to sell all the components due to Z-Wave operating on a different frequency in the U.S.), but I will make sure to pick things up once we’re settled in. If you’re curious about anything else, let me know through the comments below or Twitter!

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