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UPDATE December 11, 2013: Good news: a small additional batch of 10 extra Lumia 925’s made available to us, which we want you guys to benefit from, of course! We’ve extended the deadline to December 31st, so get those apps in before the end of the year to get yourself a beautiful Lumia 925!

We’ve managed to secure another batch of devices for our awesome app developer community in the Netherlands. This time we have a variety of devices available, which can be obtained by accumulating points by building Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. The timing could not have been better, with the announcement of the Windows Phone Preview for Developers earlier today, which allows developers to get early access to Windows Phone updates!

Build apps for a device

Like last time, the devices cannot be resold and you receive them from Microsoft as a loaner device, but we’re sure you’ll love them and wouldn’t want to part with them anyway. Also, we want to see some really cool apps out there, so we’ve decided to count “active apps”, which means apps only qualify once they have 200 downloads at the time of entry. The prizes and terms and conditions to get a device are listed below.

The prizes

As mentioned, you can accumulate points by building Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. The apps are valued as follows:

  • A Windows 8 app with 200 downloads = 12 points
  • A Windows Phone app with 200 downloads = 8 points
  • A Windows 8 and Windows Phone version of the same app, both with 200 downloads = 25 points

The devices/prizes we have available for you to spend these points on are:

  • 10x Nokia Lumia 925 – 80 points
  • 35x Nokia Lumia 925 – 100 points
  • 6x Nokia Lumia 920 – 80 points
  • 8x Nokia Lumia 820 – 50 points
  • 6x Zune HD 32GB – 40 points
  • 15x Kinect Sports for Xbox 360 – 20 points
  • 15x Kinect Adventures for Xbox 360 – 20 points

The rules

To participate, you must comply with the following rules:

  • The deadline is set at December 15 31 (CEST), meaning you have until December 14 31, 23:59 to show your apps have been published to the Store.
  • The apps you submit shouldn’t be blatant copies of anything in the Store and should provide value to the platform
  • Apps published on or before October 14, 2013 are not eligible for points
  • A maximum of two devices/prizes can be claimed per address and/or developer account

To enter, publish the required amount of apps for your prize of choice under a developer account registered in the Netherlands to the Store and make sure you meet the 200 download minimum. Send an e-mail to with the subject “Build apps for a device” and provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Publisher ID
  • Publisher name
  • Apps that are eligible, including the Store download links
  • Your choice of a prize
  • Shipping address for the prize
  • Screenshots of the developer portal with the download count visible for each app

We expect to ship the devices after November 5, 2013 to participants who meet the above terms and conditions. Keep an eye on this blog post for updates on our stock and be sure to e-mail us as soon as you are eligible for a prize, because the date of the received e-mail determines the order of which we give out the prizes.

Tips and tricks

You’ve made it so far into the post, so we’re going to share some tips and tricks with you to help you gather up those points more quickly:

  • To take advantage of the extra points you get from building a Windows 8 and Windows Phone version of the same app (25 points vs. 20 points separately), utilize the below templates which facilitate in re-use of code between both platforms. With this approach, you can share a lot of code between the two apps and pretty much only have to focus on building the UI separately

  • To help give your downloads a boost, make sure you ask your users to rate your app. More (3+ star) ratings, mean more downloads! This functionality can be implemented quite easily by using my ReviewNotifier NuGet package, which only requires two lines of code to implement and additionally also gives you a very easy interface to manage the storage needs of your app through the StorageHelper NuGet package


In summary, start building apps and let us know when you think you have enough points for the prize of your chocie, keeping in mind the December 15, 2013 deadline. If you miss this date, we will start approaching people on the back-up list, so it’s always useful to submit your apps and let us know.

If you want more information, be sure to go to for more information on app development on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Be sure to stop by our app consultation hours, which occur every 2 weeks at our office in Schiphol if you want some additional advice and/or help with building your apps.

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10 thoughts on “Build apps for a device

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  2. Hey Rajen,

    I finished my first dual-all (w8 and wp) but even tho I do have a registered WP-developer account, I still need to register a credit-card to my W8-developer account. This was also a problem with the build 2 apps for a Lumia 800 device. The team told me they would add other verification methods but they still haven’t and they don’t accept my or my girlfriend’s credit card. Any other way to verify my account? Otherwise I’d have to build 8 apps for a Lumia 925 ;).

  3. Hoe loopt het met deze aktie? Voor mij is de drempel te hoog. Ik heb een 5-tal apps klaar om te publiceren, echter alleen maar voor Phone. Daar kom ik niet verder dan 40 punten mee. En ik ga toch echt voor een telefoon. Ik zal dus moeten wachten en meer inspiratie opdoen voor nog meer apps. Helaas.

      • Niet echt geschikt voor Windows 8. Er zit een scheidsrechters toolkit bij, zie ik niet met een tablet gedaan worden. Andere is een geocache app, ook niet echt geschikt voor tablet. En voor de andere zijn er prima websites.
        Maar om te beginnen heb ik zojuist de eerste gepubliceerd, zit nu in het certificeringstraject.Dus bij deze wil ik meedoen, desnoods voor een Zune 😉

        • Ah, toch erg gaaf om te horen dat je al zo ermee bezig bent! Stuur een mailtje als je apps online staan en je de punten bij elkaar hebt verzameld.

          • Rajen, ik heb intussen 5 windows phone apps + 2 store apps gesubmit. 1 phone app en de 2 store apps zijn intussen gecertificeerd (store binnen 1 dag!), de overige 4 phone apps zijn nog niet gecertificeerd (gebeurt hopelijk snel). Alleen 15 december nadert ook snel. Is er enige kans op uitstel/verlenging van de actie? Ik wil nog 1 phone app ook voor windows 8 geschikt maken, maar ik heb ook nog een dagelijkse baan en een sociaal leven. 100 punten zijn in het vizier, alleen die datum!

  4. Zou graag een aantal apps maken, maar mijn laatste app Breinbrekers heeft tot nu toe teveel aandacht gevraagd.Inmiddels meer dan 500.000 downloads en 32 releases.
    Laat de actie gewoon doorlopen zodat ontwikkelaars punten kunnen sparen voor toys. Geef eventueel ook punten voor het nut/success van de app. Bijv 10 punten per 1000 downloads. Zou ik nu op 500 punten zitten 🙂

    • Bedankt voor de feedback op de actie. Helaas kunnen we de actie niet voortzetten op de manier die je adviseert, maar ik zou je wel graag willen uitnodigen om je te registreren voor DVLUP (, waar het idee van development challenges in ruil voor punten nog veel verder is uitgewerkt. Ook het assortiment aan prijzen is daar uitgebreider en we gaan vanuit Microsoft Nederland in het vervolg ook lokale challenges toevoegen.

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